APR is calculated based on the following loan assumptions:


  • Purchase Price: $600,000
  • Down Payment: 25%
  • Loan Amount: $450,000
  • Occupancy: 
  • LTV: 75
  • Property Type: 
  • Property State: 
  • Loan Purpose: Purchase
  • Subordinate Financing: 
  • Number of units: 
  • Assumed FICO Score: 
  • APR includes Lender fees, Appraisal Fee, and Credit Report Fee only.  3rd Party Title, Escrow and Recording Fees can be estimated upon request.

* All rates and programs subject to loan underwriting and approval and may be subject to change, depending on your individual credit profile and other qualifications.

**Appraisal fees can vary depending on the County you are in, Square Footage, property type, or unique home features.

***Loan Limits can vary depending on your County which could affect loan pricing.  For more information regarding loan limits in your area, or for multi-unit properties, please contact us at 949-246-0192.

Factors that can affect your interest rate